Alexander Cubis

Alexander Cubis is an Australian actor who can currently be seen on Tyler Perry-directed drama series RUTHLESS for BET+ and VIACOM/CBS. He also happens to be an attorney, and accredited investor.

Born in Sydney and raised in a blended low-income family, Alexander was introverted from a young age and originally focused on academics. Encouraged by teachers and family, Alexander was always pushed towards acting as an extra-curricular.

Never athletic as a kid, Alexander now values health and fitness in its capacity to help offset stress. He’s also become a mental health advocate after overcoming his own challenges and hopes to inspire others to pursue their own goals. 

Realistic and fearful about the possibilities of acting as a career, Alexander pursued a competitive pathway at university. Despite his resistance to the acting bug, he was soon scouted while performing in a student production and cast in a stage show in Sydney, not long before finding an agent and being cast in one of the first NETFLIX series shot in Australia.

Still committed to his education and unsure of his long-game, Alexander graduated law school and explored different areas of business while completing more work in TV and theatre in Australia. With a roll-of-the-dice, Alexander started making trips overseas to further his acting career.

Alongside working on a range of projects all over the world, Alexander has held the belief of how diverse interests can support specific goals by maintaining a foothold in the world of academics and business through various ventures. These include serving as a guest lecturer at the UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY, founding a boutique law firm in NEW YORK CITY, and producing various forms of media and storytelling.

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